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Today we pitched in the preliminary round of StartupLive Vienna 2012. We are happy to be part of the happening next week!

Stay tuned and visit!

OpenStreetMap based map for Austria - Österreich Map


A quick preview of our upcoming new service is already online at http://ö

We'll provide failsafe cloud hosting of OpenStreetMap based maps with a fresh design an optimized for the special needs of Austria. More to come soon.

Please, please drop us a mail to if you have feedback and/or special feature requests! Thank you.

Project CleanWien - output is App for Vienna


Yesterday I released a new App for Vienna inhabitants:

Based on data published by the Vienna community at it shows you the nearest places to trash your stuff (more details at - this page will, however, be closed soon - the App is now just called "")

Check it out and vote for me (link ont the top left of the app)!

Open Government Data Austria

Last Thursday we organized a Semantic Web Meetup in Vienna with the special topic of Open Government Data.

Read more:

What's next?


On March 18th I passed my viva with distinction (1.0 avg). My job at the university ended with March 31st. Currently, I'm finishing some other projects and then I'm ready to set sails for new horizons. 

PhD thesis submitted in January

On January 20th I've finally submitted my PhD thesis (you can download the PDF in the research section).

Now I'm waiting for my viva...

Linked Open Government Data - Austrian initiative launching

Three weeks ago a group of Semantic Web enthusiasts and representatives from various Austrian organisations met in Vienna to discuss a possible future initiative towards Open Government Linked Data similar to, (US) and initiatives currently starting up across Europe.

Endpoint Demo for SPARQL endpoint description including RDFStats

Just finished the promised patch for Joseki, which integrates RDFStats and creates statistics for loaded datasets. I also finished the semwiq-endpoint package which is based on the patched Joseki. An endpoint is available at:

It demonstrates:

How's the progress with SemWIQ, AndyL?

Drupal says, RDFStats had been released 46 weeks and 3 days ago now... Well, many things changed since the first release. For about two years now I've been evaluating different approaches concerning information integration with Semantic Technologies and playing around, implementing my own stuff.

The current tools I'm about to contribute are the following:

XLWrap released

Released spreadsheet-to-RDF wrapper XLWrap and XLWrap-Server, which can be used to:

  • publish information stored in spreadsheets
  • semantically integrate multiple spreadsheets in LANs/Intra/Extranets
  • support rapid prototyping of Linked Data apps (edit human-readable live data behind the exposed SPARQL endpoint)